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What is Cold Pressed Dog Food?

No Swelling
or Bloating

Our unique cold pressed dog food does not swell in the same way as traditional dry dog food but breaks down gently, slowly releasing its nutrients. 

Fresh Pressed™ is hypoallergenic, gentle on the tummy and allows for easy and healthy digestion.


The Fresh Pressed™ Difference

Heat damages nutrients and taste. You may be aware that steaming vegetables is much healthier than boiling them. It preserves more of the nutrients and vitamins by cooking them at lower temperatures for a shorter period of time. In much the same way, cold pressed dog food is also produced at lower temperatures than the traditional methods of making dry dog food (called extrusion) and therefore preserves more of the nutrients. When meat, fish and other proteins are heated to high temperatures it changes the structure of the protein, making it less nutritious for your dog and also harder for them to digest. Our Fresh Pressed™ cooking process uses fresh meat, rather than meat meal, which we cook at a lower temperature to ensure that all of the goodness is locked in.

Tribal Fresh Pressed

Fresh, human grade meat and fish. A natural source of protein, highly nutritious and easy to digest.

Fresh Pressed Difference

Most Dry Dog Foods

Meat meal, made by heating meat and bone to high temperatures.

Lower nutritional value, harder to digest.

Fresh Pressed™
Complete Cold Pressed Dog Food

Our super premium recipe is:

Made with fresh meat - meat meal free
100% Natural
Easy To Digest
Grain Free
Complete With Joint Care
Cold Pressed Dog Food

Fresh Pressed

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