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Can't fault the brand at all

My dog Rhinoceros and bear absolutely love tribal and I can't fault the brand at all! Rhinoceros is very fussy, and he can't wait for mealtimes now being on Tribal. Their coat quality and over all condition has improved and I love it; can’t recommend it enough!!

Emily Gray
Fantastic dog food

Fantastic dog food, great for our fussy little pup, he never turns away from a meal since going onto tribal puppy food, better energy levels and just happier in himself

Dana Annabell Gale
My Collie LOVES Tribal

My rescue collie absolutely LOVES Tribal Dog Food. First food I have fed her on where she clears her bowl at every mealtime. Great quality too so you don’t feed loads at a time.

Lucy Rice
We haven't looked back

Okay so guys, I am super allergic to pretty much EVERYTHING! I was a very poorly puppy when my pawrents first got me, I was struck with giardia – TWICE Then when we thought things were getting better, my fur started to fall out all along my back and I couldn’t stop scratching. Turns out, I'm allergic to chicken, beef, lamb, wheat & grains, eggs and white fish, I know, rubbish right?

My pawrents didn’t really know where to turn until they had a chat with the lovely team at Tribal Pet Foods, who suggested their gourmet sausages (in duck, turkey, salmon) plus their cold pressed food. We haven't turned back since, my fur is growing back & oh my woofness it tastes amazing!

Milo the Mini Cockapoo
Great results with Tribal!

Absolutely brilliant food!! My Staffy pup was born with cleft lip and palate and has digestive issues and suffers with cluster seizures so it took us about 5 months to find a really good food that would work well with her body. She was born the same weight as the other pups but remained tiny until we started feeding her Tribal. She’s now 7 months old and weighs about 7-8kg whereas prior to this food 2 months ago she was a tiny 3kg and her siblings were between 15-20kg... the sausage meats that we buy don't crumble when cut up making it perfect for my girl not getting any bits in her cleft gaps!!! I would 100% recommend this for any age dog but especially for those pups born with cleft palate/lip!!!!

Natalie Andrews
Thank you so, so much for this food

My Golden Retriever has always had skin allergies and stomach problems, since he has been on Tribal food and treats for the last months fulltime he hasn't had skin allergies or stomach problems which is great as now he is happy not bolted and his coat is shining and healthy... thank you for making a dog food that suits food for my Goldie and we have to hide the treats as he will sneakily take the packet off the unit because he can't get enough of them. We have a happy dog which makes us happy. Thank you so, so much for this food.

Sam Hazel
Never been better

Came across this brand during a Puppy Class with my Husky Mishka in Pets Corner Farnborough. They were giving pieces as treats during the hour. They noticed immediately how interested she was in the food. I was even given a couple of handfuls as a tester to try back at home. Needless to say her stomach and toileting since we got her had never been better, so we went straight in and bought a bag and have never looked back, 1 years old now and soon to move onto the adult bag. Highly recommended. Plus, our dogs coat is so soft and shiny, which is definitely down to the fish nutrients in the food!

Mishka the Husky
Definitely recommend

I definitely recommend Tribal food. I was looking for a different food for him as he has allergies and stomach issues. I tried the senior cold pressed for my 11 year old Westie, it's fab. Gentle on his stomach, easy to digest, he loves it. He had brown stains on his face and paws from licking on his previous food, since switching him to Tribal, all stains have gone. He's been on Tribal cold pressed for 18 months now, we won't be switching again. I just got him the Tribal 80% duck sausage, he loves it, licked his bowl clean. Can't recommend this food enough.

Jodee Debeau
The change I have seen is phenomenal!

Where do I begin? Koda has now been on Tribal for nearly 5 months now and the change I have seen in him has been phenomenal! Throughout his whole puppyhood he was fed on a high-quality kibble but we just weren't happy with his weight, coat, stool quality and feeding habits. Since switching over to Tribal we have never looked back!! Koda seems so much happier in himself, he's scratching less, he's now at his ideal body condition score, his stools have become firmer and more pleasant to pick up (he's also producing less of it as well! Bonus!!) and we get clear bowls every mealtime!! We really do believe we have found the best food for Koda!