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Meet Our Tribe

Tribal's unique Fresh Pressed cooking process uses Fresh Meat, rather than meat meal, which we cook at a lower temperature to ensure that all of the goodness is locked in.


We discovered Tribal during a Puppy Class in Pets Corner Farnborough. They were giving pieces as treats and we noticed immediately how interested she was in the food. I was even given a couple handfuls as a tester to try back at home. Needless to say her stomach has never been better!


It’s the first time my fussy hound has finished a bowl of food in months! We were recommended Tribal yesterday after telling someone we stopped raw feeding (my choice rather than his!) and he hadn’t eaten very much since. Thanks Tribal - I’m glad to say your food is a winner!


Fantastic dog food, great for our fussy little pup, he never turns away from a meal since going onto Tribal puppy food, better energy levels and just happier in himself.


My rescue collie absolutely LOVES Tribal Dog Food. First food I have fed her on where she clears her bowl at every mealtime. Great quality too so you don’t feed loads at a time.


I have an 18 month old Springer Spaniel with a sensitive tummy! Tribal is a food he can keep down while running around like a maniac, we also have firm stools and a glossy coat! One happy boy and one happy owner!


As soon as I switched to Tribal she started to enjoy her food again; immediately wolfing it down and she’s never gotten bored of it. I feed her the senior food to keep her weight under control.

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