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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cold Pressed Dog food?

Cold pressing is a way of producing dog food at much lower temperatures than traditional methods - you can think of it as steaming your vegetables rather than boiling them.

In much the same way that steamed vegetables retain more nutrients, cold pressed dog food also retains more nutrients relative to traditional methods of making dry dog food which are produced at high temperatures and pressure.

Is Cold Pressed Dog Food raw?

No. Cold pressed dog food is a cooking method which uses lower temperatures than traditional methods of producing dry dog foods.

Is Cold Pressed Dog Food safe?

Yes. Cold Pressed dog food is a safe, complete and nutritious way to feed your dog. All of our products are produced in agreement with E.U. regulation to ensure that the recipes are nutritionally complete and free from bacteria such as E.coli and salmonella. Most pet food manufacturers process at extremely high temperatures which destroys valuable nutrients. We process our pet food at the lowest possible temperatures in order to lock in as much nutrition as possible whilst still ensuring that our food is safe to handle, and convenient to store and serve.

What is Meat Meal?

Meat meal is general term for a concentrated meat powder used specifically for pet food. It is present in most dry dog foods, including "super-premium" and "high-meat content" foods. It is often listed as "dried meat" or "dehydrated meat". Meat meal comes in varying degrees of quality however as they are specific pet food ingredients animal health regulation stipulates that they must be cooked at extremely high temperatures during their production. The high temperatures used to produce the meat meal reduces the nutrition within the meat and reduces the digestibility of the proteins. We do not use meat meal in any of our products.

Is Tribal 80% wet dog food complete?

Yes, Tribal's 80% meat and fish gourmet sausages are nutritionally complete.

Can I feed Tribal 80% wet dog food alongside Tribal Fresh Pressed?

Yes, Tribal's 80% meat and fish gourmet sausages can be fed in isolation or alongside our cold pressed dog food. Both Tribal 80% and Tribal Fresh Pressed are nutritionally complete.

Are your meats and fish ethically sourced?

Our meats and fish are all responsibly, or sustainably sourced. Find out more about our ingredients below.

Our turkeys' have an abundance of natural light which encourages them to express their natural behaviour indoors as well as outdoors, and an environment enriched with straw bales and toys to peck at and play with.

Our fresh salmon is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and can help support a healthy skin and coat. It is also an excellent form of protein, hypoallergenic and highly palatable for dogs. Our fresh salmon is sustainably sourced from the northeast Atlantic.

Our Blue Whiting fish is enzymatically hydrolysed and is a human grade quality form of protein. Blue Whiting is a type of white fish (similar to cod). Our supply is MSC certified and sourced from Ireland where we use the whole fish, rather than the by-products which are typically used in pet food.  Hydrolysed proteins are where the protein is broken down into smaller pieces (amino acids, the building blocks of protein) by food grade digestive enzymes giving it bioactive and antioxidant properties. This ingredient can have a positive impact on the stomach, gastrointestinal issues and dogs with allergies. We do not use chemical hydrolysis, which is an artificial method of producing hydrolysed proteins using chemicals and high temperatures.

Eggs are a great source of very digestible protein, riboflavin, selenium and fatty acids. They are highly palatable and a great addition for dogs that are prone to digestive upset.

Our healthy joint blend of glucosamine, chondroitin and green lipped mussel protects joint cartilage, supports active mobility and has anti-inflammatory effects. Green lipped mussel contains very high concentrations of omega-3s and a unique combination of fatty acids that is not found in any other marine or plant life

Sweet potatoes are grain free and packed full of slow release energy, sweet potatoes are rich in fibre and a great source of vitamins A, C and B6. Sweet potato is in all our cold pressed recipes.

Do you provide samples?

We will soon have samples available to purchase on our website. However, we always try and encourage customers to try our food for a few weeks as small sample bags aren't enough to see the beneficial effects of switching to a healthy diet. We are so confident that your dog will see great results that if you're not completely happy you can get your money back! Why not try some for your dog today?

Where can I buy Tribal products?

Tribal has a network of independent pet shops who stock our products across the UK and Ireland. To find a stockist near you please visit our stockist finder here. Alternatively, you can buy online in our online shop.

How do I become a stockist?

If you want to join our growing tribe of stockists, please call us on 0800 689 1523 or email us on