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You may be aware that steaming vegetables is much healthier than boiling them. It preserves more of the nutrients and vitamins by cooking them at lower temperatures for a shorter period of time. In much the same way, cold pressed dog food is also produced at lower temperatures than the traditional methods of making dry dog food (called extrusion) and therefore preserves more of the nutrients. When meat, fish and other proteins are heated to high temperatures it changes the structure of the protein, making it less nutritious for your dog and also harder for them to digest the protein.

When your dog eats 'regular' kibble, the food absorbs liquid in their stomach, which can cause them feelings of discomfort and bloat. This can express itself as flatulence or wind; and can cause dogs to vomit or regurgitate their food several hours after eating. Our cold pressed dog food does not swell but slowly breaks down, making it gentler on your dog's tummy.

Why not try this simple test yourself at home? Take two glasses of water, in one glass place some regular, extruded dog kibble, and in the other place some Tribal TLC. The first thing you will notice is that the extruded kibble floats whereas Tribal TLC sinks. Leave both glasses undisturbed for approximately one hour, and then stir with a spoon. You will find that the regular kibble has absorbed water and swelled, but Tribal TLC has broken down quickly and easily.



Traditional cold pressed foods are made using meat meal, a concentrated meat powder sometimes listed as dried ground meat or dehydrated meat. During it’s production, meat meal is cooked at extremely high temperatures by the meat meal supplier, often greater than 140°C and sometimes as high as 200°C, destroying a lot of their natural goodness before they even go into the cold press. 

Tribal TLC is different. Unlike other foods, our TLC range is Truly made at Lower Celsius. We use fresh meat - never meat meal - and gently heat to no more than 95°C, locking in the optimal amount of nutrition and goodness. What's more is that we guarantee that at least 98% of all our ingredients are not heated to above 95°C, either by us or by our suppliers.


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