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What Is Cold Pressed Dog Food?

What Is Cold Pressed Dog Food?

What Is Cold Pressed Dog Food?

Have you heard about cold pressed dog food but maybe aren't sure exactly what it is?  We're here to make it simple for you and answer any questions you may have.

  1. Cold pressing is a different way of making dry dog food. It is produced at lower temperatures than the traditional method of making dry dog foods (known as extrusion).
  2. As heat destroys nutrients and taste, you can think of cold pressing like steaming your vegetables rather than boiling them; it “locks in” more nutrition and taste.

It's a great option for:

  1. Owners looking for a high-quality dog food, particularly great as an alternative or complement to raw dog food.
  2. Dogs with sensitive tummies.
  3. Dogs with allergies.
  4. Fussy dogs.


No Swelling or Bloating

Our cold-pressed dog food does not swell in the same way as traditional dry food but breaks down gently, slowly releasing its nutrients.  Tribal cold pressed dog food is hypoallergenic, gentle on the tummy and allows for easy and healthy digestion.

Fresh Pressed Difference

Our range of cold-pressed dog food:

  • Uses FRESH Meat & Fish
  • Contains No Meat Meal
  • Is Grain Free and 100% Natural
  • Contains High Levels of Joint Care and;
  • Is Hypoallergenic

Plus we have a range for every life stage, from puppies right through to senior dogs. Find the right food for your dog here.


Real Life Reviews From Tribal Customers


Meet Koda….

Tribal Koda

“Koda has now been on Tribal Cold Pressed Salmon for nearly 5 months now and the change I have seen in him has been phenomenal! We have never looked back since! Koda seems so much happier in himself, he’s scratching nowhere near as much as before, he’s now at his ideal body condition score, his stools have become firmer and more pleasant to pick up (he’s also producing less of it as well! Bonus!) and we get clear bowls every mealtime!"


Meet Austin…

Tribal Austin

“This is Austin. He is usually fed 100% raw dog food but he’s a complicated chap! He has IBD and pancreatitis and is *VERY* fussy too! We tried him with a cold-pressed food from another brand which he enjoyed and we managed to get him eating a meal of raw and a meal of cold-pressed (I can live with that) however having a veterinary background and having done lots of nutritional research I wasn’t totally happy with some of the ingredients in the current brand... then I remembered Tribal and how much he’s enjoyed your treats! As he likes variety with his diet I ordered him the flavours that the current brand don’t sell to see if he would like it, he doesn’t like it, he loves it! Gobbles it down and then looks for more which is unheard of in Austin land  we will definitely be ordering more for him and maybe a couple of chubs of wet food as he currently has a small amount of wet food with his powdered medication mixed in.”


Try With Confidence With Our Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that our high-quality foods can improve your dog’s energy, digestion and vitality that we offer a “no-quibble” money-back guarantee.  We believe that in order to truly see the beneficial effects of switching to a healthy diet, we suggest that you try our dog food for a few weeks. We are so confident that your dog will experience great results that if you're not completely happy you can get your money back! Simply return to the point of purchase within 30 days for a full refund. Why not Try Now for your dog.