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What is the Best Food for Senior Dogs?

What is the Best Food for Senior Dogs?

Whilst there’s nothing quite like the joy a puppy brings into the house, we have a special place in our hearts for senior dogs. Having a senior dog brings a deep level of happiness and contentment for both you and your dog; and of course, there is the added benefit of no more puppy proofing or house training!

Sometimes it can be hard to believe that your dog is no longer a puppy, but as they get older, their needs will change. Their bodies slow down, you may have noticed that they have become less active and sleep more; and they may have different dietary needs.


What should I feed my older dog? 

The right food can help keep your senior dog happy and comfortable in their golden years. Senior diets such as our Tribal Cold Pressed Senior/Light recipe are specially formulated to provide everything your dog will need in their old age. Below we talk about some of the most common topics we get asked about when talking about nutrition for senior dogs.


1.    Combat stiff joints with a joint care supplement

You may have noticed that your dog is sleeping more, lagging behind on walks and finding it difficult to get up after resting. Perhaps they’re more reluctant to chase after a ball or jump up onto the sofa? All of these are signs that your dog is suffering from stiff joints. In addition to cutting down on long walks, look for a food which contains high levels of added joint care supplementation.

Our Senior/Light recipe contains a blend of glucosamine, chondroitin, and green-lipped mussel, in one of the highest inclusion levels on the market.

Green lipped mussel

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2.    Battle the bulge with a controlled calorie recipe

Generally, dogs start to gain weight as they get older because of their less active lifestyle. This needs to be carefully managed as excess weight also puts unnecessary pressure on your dog’s joints, leaving them even more susceptible to arthritis. Most senior dog foods, including our own, are reduced calorie recipes designed to avoid excessive weight gain.


3.    Look for softer kibble as older dogs may have dental issues

Some dogs may start to lose weight as they get older or exhibit a reluctance to eat which can often be related to a dental problem.  Our unique cold pressed dog food breaks easily, so is a great option for older dogs who may have sensitive mouths.  

If you soak our cold pressed dog food in warm water, it will turn into a paste which is a great option for dogs who are struggling to eat and can also be smoothed into a Lickimat or similar, offering great canine enrichment!

Tribal cold pressed dog food soaked in warm water makes a great spreadable paste

Tribal Cold Pressed Dog Food spread on a feeding mat


4.    High quality protein is as important as ever

As dogs get older, they are more likely to develop kidney or liver problems which is when protein intake can become a concern.  Your vet may advise you to limit your dog’s protein intake however it is still incredibly important that you continue to feed your dog high quality protein.  Look for foods which contain fresh meat rather than dried meats as their main protein source, as the protein is better quality, easier for your dog to digest and result in a naturally lower protein diet. Dried meat ingredients are highly concentrated protein sources and can be harder for dogs to digest.


If you have a senior dog, why not try our specially formulated recipe here; and remember, we offer a money back guarantee on all our products!