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Welcome to Tribal 2.0!

Welcome to Tribal 2.0!

If you’ve been following along on our social accounts for the past few weeks we’ve been hinting about big changes coming to Tribal. We did a sneaky update of our social media branding and we’ve popped a few sneak peeks at the new packaging and now we can finally do the big reveal!


A Totally New Look


You may have noticed seeing as you’re here… we have a new website and new packaging! It’s a totally revamp of our branding and we think it makes us stand out from the crowd but don’t worry; whilst it all looks different we can assure you that our ingredients and recipes have stayed the same – why mess with perfection?


New Recipes


A while ago we asked our Facebook family to guess what our new recipes might be. We had some great guesses from pork, beef, chicken, lamb…but the real answer (which a few people landed on) was DUCK! That’s right, we’re now stocking a small breed recipe for all our petite pals!


If you’re excited about that you should also be very excited to know that we’ve launched a new complete wet food – Tribal 80%. Available as a ‘sausage’, the new 80% recipe (which is 80% high quality meat, mixed with natural low-fat vegetable ingredients for slow release energy) is packed with healthy vitamins and minerals that can be fed in isolation or alongside our cold pressed dog food.


Visit the shop to check out the range!


Join the tribe


We love seeing pictures and hearing stories of how Tribal has changed your dog’s lives, we’ve even got a brand-new page dedicated to our Tribe that we want to build and grow but we need your help!


Head over to Facebook and leave us a review (with a picture) so we can add it to the site!