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Freddie's story

Freddie's story

Meet Freddie! A 10-month-old red collie, lurcher cross puppy. Fred's story has a sad beginning but an amazing ending.

Fred's owner tells us his story here...

"Fred stands at the same height as our big Labrador and weighs 25.5kgs. He was born on a farm as 1 of a litter of 10 pups. We took him home at 8 weeks and headed straight to the vets for his first injection.

Imagine our horror when the vet condemned his care and insisted that he was malnourished and full of worms. The breeder had taken great pride in her ‘babies’ so this was very confusing. And so started our journey of poor weight gain, brittle and sparse coat, lack of appetite, sulfur flatulence and relentless diarrhoea.

Nothing worked - more wormers, wormers for Giardiasis, Pro-bind, different foods etc. It was so bad that we had to re-carpet one room! We would put his food down and he literally wouldn’t get to his feet to bother eating it.

We tried quality foods with and without grain, with chicken, with fish etc - nothing worked apart from fresh chicken and rice. So, at the vets suggestion, we had one last attempt before veterinary intervention. The local pet shop offered us a refund if the Tribal didn’t work and quite frankly I was feeling a bit desperate.

The ration is quite small due to the unique production so his digestion wasn’t overloaded and that seemed a winner for a dog with poor appetite. Fast forward and several bags later, no more wind, no more diarrhoea, huge appetite to the extent that we have had to buy a special bowl to slow down his eating ????. We literally haven’t looked back. I can’t recommend this food highly enough."


Thank you so much for sharing Fred's story. If you are thinking of trying Tribal with your dog, we offer a Money Back Guarantee so why not give us a try.