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Feed your dog with a clear conscience

Feed your dog with a clear conscience

Sixty Surfers - September Issue.  Feed Your Dog With A Clear Conscience.

Tribal Pet Foods based in London sets a new precedent with its labelling, ensuring the utmost transparency and clear nutritional information for dog owners.

We're a nation of animal lovers and want to make the best choices for our pets, but confusing labelling and illegible lists of ingredients can lead to unwittingly feeding treats that are overly processed and unhealthy. A study revelaed that despite over 30% of consumers thinking they 'always read nutritional facts' on packaging of their own food, such as the total calories content, in fact only 9% actually did.  

Because our pets rely on their owners to make the right choices and read the label for them, Tribal has adopted an 'easy-to-understand' transparent 'Traffic-Light' labelling on the front of all of its packs, promoting healthier eating and lifestyles for people and their dogs.

Tribal is the first pet food company to embrace the new European standards in labelling introduced in December 2014.  

People who read food labels stay thinner according to a study in Science Daily and Tribal hopes that by introducing its food labels onto the front of all its packs, it can support Britain's dogs in reducing the growing obesity epidemic. According to the PDSA (People's Dispensary for Sick Animals), one in three, or six million pooches are considered clinically obese.

Tribal's warning system outlines the fat and fibre content of the food as well as the calories, allowing owners' to make informed choices for their individual dog's lifestyle, age and activity levels.

The traffic light warnings use the colours red, amber and green to show how healthy the food is for the dog. Red indicates that the food is bad for dogs’, amber that it is slightly above or below the ideal range, while green indicates it contains the ideal range of nutrients.

This clear nutritional information allows owners to make an informed choice, and match their dog’s lifestyle, activity levels and age with the perfect Tribal treat recipe.

Tribal treats are baked at low temperatures to ensure the natural moisture content and mouth-watering goodness of ethically sourced nutritious ingredients are simply sealed in. Choose from Tribal’s ‘Natural Health’, ‘Natural Care’ and ‘Natural Support’ range. Treat your dog with a clear conscience! 

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