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Can you feed dry food alongside raw ?

Can you feed dry food alongside raw ?

It's a question we hear time and again, “Can you mix dry food with raw?’ or “How can you replace raw food with dry?” We believe that feeding raw is a great option for your dog, but it doesn’t suit every owner or every dog. If you like the idea of raw principles, but are looking for a convenient alternative, cold pressed dog food is a great option. Tribal cold pressed dog food is packed with fresh ingredients that are cooked at low temperatures with minimal processing so you could feed it alongside or in place of raw food. 


Is feeding raw the best option for my dog? 

Feeding raw (provided it is done correctly) is one of the most natural ways of feeding a dog because it mimics their ancestral diet. The down sides, however, include expense, having a freezer full of meatiness, remembering to actually defrost aforementioned meat every day, some unpleasant smells (pheuw) and difficulty transporting raw food. Raw is nutritionally a great way to feed your dog but the convenience (or lack of it) and cost can make it an impractical choice for some people.


What is the difference between dry food and cold pressed dog food? 

Traditional dry dog foods can be lower in nutritional value and bioavailability* because of their high-heat cooking methods, commonly the extrusion method. Traditional dry foods also tend to use meat meal, which is a highly processed, concentrated meat powder, cooked at high temperatures. Meat meals tend to have a lower level of bioavailability than fresh meat but are packed with protein. Some dry foods can sound great because they have a high-protein level, but the digestibility of this protein is lower, so your dog many not benefit as much as you think they will. 


Tribal uses fresh meat and fish which is human grade quality, so you know they are only getting the good bits. The cold pressed cooking method maintains the nutrients of the meat, cooking at low temperatures to keep it in as nutritious state as possible. It’s commonly known that high heats can damage nutrients (and flavour) which is why raw food is seen as the best way to feed dogs. Cold pressed, however, is comparable to steaming vegetables, a very simple and natural method of cooking that we know keeps nutrients locked in. Find out more.


Do you need to supplement on top of Tribal dry food? 

Tribal provides the convenience of a dry food but with the benefits of a natural meat diet. Our recipe is a complete food, so supplements are not needed for a healthy dog. The food is also packed with essential joint care ingredients including the green lipped mussel, commonly found in New Zealand, these mighty molluscs provide a natural joint aid.  


Is Tribal Cold Pressed dog food suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs? 

Tribal cold pressed dog food uses fresh ingredients that are all hypoallergenic. Due to the cold pressed cooking method, the kibble does not swell in the stomach in the same way traditional dry dog foods do, but breaks down gently, slowly releasing its nutrients. Tribal cold pressed dog food is gentle on the tummy and allows for easy and healthy digestion. Find our feeding guide here.

Raw is an amazing and very natural way to feed your dog; Tribal cold pressed dog food provides a simple complement or alternative to raw feeding that is both practical and totally delicious, why not give it a try 


*Bioavailability simply means: How well something can be digested. The better the bioavailability, the better your dog is nourished.