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Nutritional Advice

Our ethos at Tribal focuses on feeding our dogs a healthy and varied diet. Traditional pet food manufacturers would love you to feed your dog the same food, day in, day out, and some even recommend feeding that one particular product "indefinitely". However, consensus is starting to develop suggesting that feeding the same foods every day is not as good as feeding a varied diet and may even be responsible for the increasing number of food intolerances prevalent in today's pets (makes sense right?)  Below is an example of something you may be familiar with.  You want to try your dog on a new food, but each time you do, the new food doesn't agree with them and makes them feel unwell.  We call this the repetitive food cycle.

The Repetitive Food Cycle

The repetitive food cycle

So how can Tribal help you break this cycle?  Our range of seven different complementary foods contain a wide variety of natural ingredients, many of which you won't find in traditional pet foods.  By adding these to your dog's daily diet, either as a daily treat or as a delicious topping to their food can help to introduce different nutrients into your dog's diet and keep the repetitive food cycle at bay.  We'd love you to join us in feeding your dog something new and exciting every day to not only provide them with dietary interest, but to help keep them happy and healthy.