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How We Started

Tribal was founded by Fatima Maktari, an Oxford Chemist who specialised in the research of natural products.  

"When I brought my first dog home, it amazed me how little variety there was in the dog food products that were available….most of them were based on a chicken, fish and rice diet.  This seemed strange to me.  It is now believed that feeding our pets the same food, day in, day out, is not only boring for them but can lead to poor digestive health and lack of essential nutrients.  

At the heart of my tribe is my own two dogs Alpha, a black Labrador, and Una, a German Shepherd.  Like most pet owners I adore my dogs and when I looked closer at the dog foods on the shelves, I was shocked to learn about the poor quality ingredients and fillers used in many of those dog foods and the effect it could have on my dogs' health and wellbeing.  A food can really only be judged by the quality of its ingredients – the higher the quality of ingredient, the more digestible it is and the more nourishment it provides.  Generically labelled ingredients such as “cereals” or “meat and animal derivatives” typically act as cheap fillers designed to bulk out a product but contain much less real nutritional content.

During my Master’s degree in Chemistry at the University of Oxford, I carried out research into specific fatty acids and the beneficial role they can play within the body.  I was able to use my insights to research what other natural active ingredients can do to support our dogs health and well-being.  With this knowledge, I created Tribal and this range of healthy and alternative treats for dogs.

If you're passionate about your dog and want to understand more about how the food we feed can affect our furry members of family, we'd love you to join our Tribe!"

Alpha & Una growing up