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About Us

Tribal is an independent British manufacturer of healthy and nutritious pet foods.  Tribal is about family; a community, or Tribe, of dog lovers that believe our pets deserve to be fed high quality, natural foods giving them the health and nutrition that they truly deserve to live a happy life. 

Whilst the majority of pet owners likely feed their pets the same food every day, day in, day out, studies suggest that this can lead to nutrient deficiencies and may be the cause behind food intolerances which are becoming more and more prevalent in our pets today.

We have developed a delicious range of nutrient rich treats for your dog using ingredients from a wide variety of natural sources that aren't typically found in traditional pet foods.  All of our treats are lovingly produced in small batches from our state of the art production bakery in West London.  Each type of treat contains at least one active ingredient that has proven benefits for your dog’s health.  By adding them to your dog’s daily diet, you can help to introduce them to a variety of nutrients, and support them in leading a happy, healthy life.  Find out more about our nutritional advice here.

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